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03 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm

I know it's hard to part with a year plus of entries, but I'm moving to Tumblr!
See you there! :)

P.S: It was partially that stupid mocca (CLICK CLICK) ad's fault, but it's gone now. In any case, the ugly ad on the top spoils everything.

03 July 2009 @ 01:30 am
TIMBRE AGAIN WOOOOO~! At this rate, my tough fight to maintain a 5 digit sum in my savings account is going to be ruined like yay. But I think it's so so worth it to just take a break from school, projects and whatever, to just chilllll and listen to good music. Because of this, I'm gonna get my first warning letter pretty soon lol. (sorry ryhn! but you pangseh-ed also last week hor!) haha. And it sucks to walk through the rain okay all the way to school.

Back to the very mundane life tomorrow again, but TGIF! Although television programmes suck so badly on Friday nights, it gives me more reason to practice! Heh, finally got the hang of Bossa Nova but I've got MAJOR issues trying to fit a nice-sounding solo along with the groove. Even complained to my instructor why my solo sounds so kukubird man. Oh well, but he's right and I've to start somewhere even though it sounds really cock.

And I have a very unrealistic dream. I seriously want to be like Bill Evans omfg. He's such an inspirational figure and someone who isn't contented with his playing even though he blew the shit out of everyone's noses. Although his style may be a little old-fashioned, but his later works are all so fucking cheem and kena man. Seriously, I don't think anyone can match up to him! Currently learning "Waltz for Debby"- one of his earlier works (not too cheem also) and I'm hoping to learn all those super insanely power chords damn shiok and nice pieces of his. 4 CDs and counting! His CDs are damn educational man GO LISTEN!! (that is if you catch balls)

Okay, byebye, gotta do Brand proj now unless I'm prepared to get a trashing from serene quek. I LOVE BILL EVANS! :D
02 July 2009 @ 02:29 am

Oh man, I'm really craving for some Anderson's Ice cream now! And I think their ice cream is 10x better and more value for money compared to Ben & Jerry's. Ben & Jerry's well, just have quirky names and flavours that attract a lot of attention, but I didn't say I don't love their ice cream! Just that Anderson's is better! hahaha (reminds you of the KFC commercial)
On the side note, I bought new headphones again! (ruiling's not going to believe me ever again when I tell her I'm going to save :( ) But this time round it doesn't look that kukubird on me compared to the old one :s It can also be used as a hairband! How cool is that HAHAHA. Okay, lame. But the sound quality is pretty decent for 38SGD only! :)

And I'm wondering if I should break my 'no-warning-letter-for-one-sem' streak. Otherwise this would be the first time not getting it in 3 years haha. But I reallyyyy don't feel like going for Law tutorial when we've already gao dim our group project! It's not that the tutorial is boring or what, it's just lame going to school for 1.5hrs to discuss tutorial answers when I have better things to do like practising piano and bass.

P.S: 1 week to solo in Bossa Nova. Go Audrey go!! :D And this time i really promise to practise practise and practise! No more procrastinating.

Current Music: Bill Evans- Solo Sessions Vol.1
30 June 2009 @ 02:30 am

I know this should be done a few days ago, but oh wells. He's really THE king of Pop, and yes, gone too soon. Just imagine what a legend he was with some of his killer songs with crazy basslines and groves.

and, apart from this, I'm really upset. My acer charger finally ended its lifespan as well :( Gonna have to buy a new one sometime around this week! All my projects are stuck inside!!!! 

P.S: or would someone be so nice and donate an acer adapter to me pleaseeee :D

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
29 June 2009 @ 01:38 am
HELLO WORLD. I feel like I'm on heroine now, because I've finally finished doing my Brand Mgmt IJ!!!!!!! (ya, so has many others too. fine fine) Heh, but I'm really happy coz I'm quite satisfied with the outcome, judging that yesterday night at 530am or so I was stil struggling using that damn fucking hell illustrator. But it turned out to be 10x much more help in the end because drawing there is a zillion times easier than in photoshop.

As you can see, I suck at illustrator and that explains the horrid spoon and fairtrade logo. I have to say the cow head looks pretty decent ah! HAHA.

Okay, gonna get some decent rest soon especially after working on this faggot poster from 0330-0730 yesterday (ended up deleting everything) and from 1100 to 1830 today.

Current Mood: tiredtired
27 June 2009 @ 04:00 am
Went to Timbre once again, like 3 times in the past 2 weeks haha. Once with the bandmates and twice with ws, plus today with 2 more lifesaving friends.

" 3 blackies and 1 white chick" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Eh it's funny and true loh! And some idiot almost puked on me because of that. Thanks ahhhh! Hahaha, but thank you ws and darren for the drink and of course ws for escorting me back, but it made no difference because it was so damn dark and I couldn't even see you!! HAHAHA

Aside from that, it's really time to worry about Brand's IJ! Gonna wake up early tomorrow and brainstorm for ideasss, hopefully being able to at least finish up the poster sigh.

P.S: And Ryhn was such an asshole today. He made me buy 2 tong kia thingy and it both turned out to be the same things inside -_- SO MUCH FOR BEING LUCKY AH COUSIN!
26 June 2009 @ 03:16 am

I thought I could sing, until I saw this. Fucking cool Indian mama beat the shit out of all the singers HAHA. Don't pray pray, tonnes of chromaticism usage, alteration of melody, rhythmic changes..etc, you be the judge! She could very well win the next Indian Idol heheheee.

Thanks to wx for digging this out just to make me laugh the crap out of myself. Hahaha you lamo shitty youtube cockster! I missed wrecking havoc in lifesaving with you lah hahahaha. See you soon ugly boy!

Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Time now is 4:45a.m and I've practically just finished my Sales Management individual journal due this Friday. I reckoned there won't be any time left this week to procrastinate, hence I'm slogging through the night to finish things up. However I think I crap pretty well on a tired and 'floating' mind. But I can guarantee that my vocab used is damn limited and my grammar would be flying out of the window.

No time for breather still though, I'm preparing to work on Brand Management's IJ tomorrow night IF I have the stamina man. Stupid project requires crazy brainstorming for "WOW" ideas for a Ben & Jerry's campaign poster or whatever you call it. Just when I've stopped designing/ photoshopping, the school bombards me this kind of assignment. I think I've already lost my touch and creative ideas.

Following that is Services Marketing IJ which I'm still clueless about when the deadline is. I think it's in July lah, so whatever, I'll worry about that later on. Aiyerrrrrrrrrrr I can't stand project deadlines drawing near because it just means that I'm gonna be TIRED all over again. Hate projects, hate school and the 2 week holidays feels like 2 minutes of break! YES, THAT DRASTIC OKAY!

Cannot tahan already, goodnight! 

P.S: My mum and the AWOL theory teacher are starting to piss me off. Should I even do my theory now or wait till next yea?r :s
Current Mood: shag like dog
Current Music: FTTS
22 June 2009 @ 02:37 am

Old 'habits' die hard.

Past few days were basically spent with the bandmates. I think we really do have crazy staminas, constantly 'lepak-ing' past midnight. Thank God for Night Riders, otherwise taxi companies would be earning more than usual. And a big big thank you to 'William' aka Melvin for sending us back the other day :)

Happy Fathers' Day too! (stupid ph, made me believe that it was last sunday. Now that post looks like a complete idiot.) However, I've already given my dad a treat although I wished I could have given more if it wasn't for my current financial status :s

This is a very random post. I'm tired, hungry and bored. I feel like having a Happy Meal now, and damn the toys are just bloody cute lah. Which reminds me, my cinamonroll is still with ph the glutton. I thought I lost it when I couldn't find it today, sigh.

School's officially starting, and yes, being a pain in the ass once again. This time it's gonna be 10x more chiong than ever. You'd be seeing me rushing for project deadlines and probably getting a role in the infamous game- L4D. I really wish all these would come to an end sooner than I expect and hope that I can make it past the next semester, or should I say, past the attachment period. Urgh, suckssssss.

I can't continue really. Really don't have the mood to blog these days or should I say that there's basically nothing interesting happening. I'll blog continuously if my money plant grew money or if i happen to strike TOTO.

Goodbye and wx you suck!!!!
Current Mood: boredbored
18 June 2009 @ 01:58 am
Argh, so fucked up.

  1. I feel like slaughtering swing time
  2. Finally grasp how to use modes for soloing (Thank you kelvin!)
  3. Gonna start my theory crash course, attempting this Oct's grade 8 theory hopefully
  4. I need to have proper time management from next week onwards

Aside from all that, I'm really sick and tired of taking the initiative already. A friend once told me that if people really do care, they wouldn't be the ones waiting, but they'd be the ones asking. Many times I've said that I'd stop trying to control this and that and really leave everything in God's hands, but I realised that I've not been doing it even though I said I would.

This time I'm really leaving everything to God. I'm way to tired trying, asking and searching. Maybe I just need to step out of the picture to allow God to fully take control of the situation now.

"The worst thing is not doing anything." -House.